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When a family tragedy strikes, successful children’s book author Lindsey Marist withdraws from her world. Barely coping with day-to-day living, she isolates herself in her cabin. Her troubled mind seems unable to write another uplifting children’s story.


Artist Cloe Parsons struggles to sell her work. She supplements her income by helping out at her parents’ grocery store. Trips to deliver Lindsey’s groceries spark a friendship between the two women that evolves over the course of a summer. When the longtime illustrator of Lindsey’s books retires, the door opens for Cloe to step in and be hired to illustrate Lindsey’s next release.


As they work together on each page of the new book Cloe has urged Lindsey to try, Lindsey and Cloe grow closer. Will Lindsey be able to break free from her sadness and follow her heart? Will Cloe finally take a chance on love that is just a touch away? A relationship between the two seems ideal, but will it happen? Can it happen?

Current Publications

Below are the printed publications through Companion Publications. By clicking on the book cover, you will be able to view more information about each book, including an excerpt and purchase links.



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