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Editing Services


Chris Paynter



  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Indiana University

  • Published author of 8 novels (first 5 with traditional publisher; last 3 self-published)

  • Managing Editor, three law journals (23 years), assisting third-year law students with editing legal articles and publishing eight books per academic year (totaling approximately 2,500 pages per year)

  • Freelance editor for lesbian fiction publishers (8 years)

  • Experience as general assignment reporter and sports reporter

  • Author of Survived by Her Longtime Companion: 2013 Lambda Literary Award Finalist and Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award Winner

  • Multiple Honorable Mention Recipient for Rainbow Awards

  • Multiple Finalist for Goldie Awards


  • 40,000 - 70,000 words:  $500 total (w/ $250 upfront for first edit /$250 upfront for second edit until completion)

  • 70,001 - 100,000 words:  $750 total (w/ $375 upfront for first edit /$375 upfront for second edit until completion)

  • 100,001 + words:  Fee to be negotiated 

  • Word count is the word count of the original submission, not after editing.

Editing Process

  • 1st edit

  • Debut Author 1st Edit: I edit first 3-4 chapters and return so author has a chance to see changes made and go through the rest of the manuscript to check for a pattern. Once manuscript is returned to me, I then do a complete and thorough edit of entire manuscript.

  • 2nd edit

  • Final edit: Final edit is complete once author and I are satisfied with finished product.

  • I can communicate via Skype, phone, or e-mail to make the editing process as seamless as possible.

  • After I perform a thorough, substantive edit, I provide a recommendation for a line editor if author does not have one (the line editor literally goes through the manuscript line-by-line).

Traditional Publisher/Independent Publisher Criteria

  • I understand that each publisher has deadlines regarding the length of time to complete an edit. This is based upon several factors: debut author; established author; genre, e.g., romance, historical, paranormal sci fi, etc. and word count.

  • I will comply to meet those deadlines unless issues arise that require additional time and research on my part, e.g., historical fiction. If that occurs, I will notify the publisher to negotiate a new deadline and make every effort to still complete the edit in a timely manner.

Deadline/Turnaround Guidelines

  • 1st edit to be completed in 30 days upon receipt

  • 2nd edit to be completed 45 days upon receipt

  • Final edit to be completed in 30 days

This is simply a guideline. The timeline could vary.

As an author, I know firsthand the excitement of having your edit completed as quickly as possible. However, a quality edit takes time, and I take pride in having my name associated with the author’s product. I always want the very best for each client.

Established Author

The same turnaround time as listed above, but depending upon the experience level of a published author (number of books written), the editing turnaround could be shortened.

What Is Included in an Edit

  • Working in Word Track Changes, I complete a thorough, substantive, and comprehensive edit including, but not limited to: focus on character development; grammar use; point of view issues; overuse of certain words and phrases; plot holes; timeline errors, etc.

Multiple Edits in Queue

  • As in any undertaking, it is important to note that there may be a backlog of edit requests. I will provide an approximation of start time and completion of an edit if there are multiple edits in the queue. Thus, if the timeline is not acceptable to the author or the publisher, they have an opportunity to seek out other sources.

Edited Books, Award Finalists/Winners

  • Kieran York, Appointment with a Smile, Blue Feather Books: 2013 Lambda Award Finalist, Romance

  • Kelly Sinclair, In the Now, Blue Feather Books: 2013 Lambda Award Finalist, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction; 2013 Goldie Finalist, Speculative Fiction

  • Kelly Sinclair, If the Wind Were a Woman, Blue Feather Books

  • Kelly Sinclair, Roberta’s Fire, Regal Crest

  • Kelly Sinclair, Getting Back, Regal Crest

  • Erica Lawson, Reflected Passion, Blue Feather Books: 2014 Goldie Winner, Historical Fiction

  • Barbara Valletto, PulsePoints, Blue Feather Books

  • Barbara Valletto, Everlong, Regal Crest

  • S. M. Harding, A Woman of Substance, Bella Books: 2017 Goldie Finalist, Mystery/Thriller

Edited Authors Testimonials

  •  “Chris Paynter, while an accomplished novelist in her own right, has the eye of a technical writer and the judgment necessary for an editor. Whether you’re a comparative stranger or a longtime friend, she delivers a coddle-free working of your manuscript.”

- Kelly Sinclair, Author

Lambda Award Finalist,

In the Now

  • “Highly professional, Chris critiques the manuscript and makes suggestions that will enhance the book. She corrects the errors, and her editing is precise and complete. She is reputable and has a devotion to the integrity of each work.”

- Kieran York, Author

Lambda Award Finalist,

Appointment with a Smile

  • “Chris Paynter is diligent, meticulous and excellent to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an editor.”

- Erica Lawson, Author

Goldie Award Winner,

Reflected Passion

  • “Chris possesses a keen eye for detail. She immerses herself in character and plot development so that, in the end, the finished product is seamless, making the reading process so very real, and so very engaging.”

- Barbara Valletto, Author

Maya Holworth Trilogy

  • As an editor, Chris listens for the voice of the writer and the voices of the characters. Any suggestions she has for changes honors that and so, for the writer, changes become a logical choice. She is, by far, the easiest editor I’ve ever worked with—a true collaboration and one I value. Plus, she asks damn good questions!​

- S. M. Harding, Author

Goldie Award Finalist

A Woman of Strong Purpose

For all editing services inquiries, please contact Chris Paynter at:


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