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About Chris Paynter

I had a farm in Africa. . . . Sorry! I always wanted to say that.  My apologies to Meryl Streep.  I can say I was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in England. My father was in the Air Force for 20 years. I've lived in Rome, New York; Dayton/Medway/New Carlisle, Ohio; Glasgow, Montana; and here in Indianapolis. My school years went something like this: skipped Kindergarten because I was old enough to start first grade; first grade, Medway, Ohio; second grade, Indianapolis; third and fourth grade, Dayton, Ohio (well, really, Fairborn where Wright Patterson AFB is located); fifth grade, Indianapolis; sixth grade, New Carlisle, Ohio; seventh through twelfth, Indianapolis. I didn't mind the moving, though. It was part of being an Air Force brat. It was because of Mrs. Cimilucca, my outstanding sixth grade English teacher, that I started to love writing. 



I attended school at Indiana University in Bloomington and Indianapolis, eventually earning my Bachelor's degree in journalism. I love history, though, and am fascinated with American Civil War history. I worked as a general assignment reporter for a small newspaper in West Central Indiana before taking a job as a sports reporter at a Gannett newspaper in Ohio. I currently work as managing editor to three law journals. My job consists of working with third year law students in editing and preparing articles for publication. I love sports, especially baseball and the Indianapolis Colts. 




I have a wonderful wife, Phyllis, who encourages and inspires me every day.

She is the kindest, most giving person I've ever had the privilege of knowing. After over twelve years (but not nearly long enough) of being parents to Buddy the Wonder Dog, we are now the proud parents of a beautiful beagle, Eleanor Marie ("Ellie"). I'm sure Buddy will be sending her instructions from heaven about scarfing toast/bread/pound cake from tables and counter tops, so she should definitely keep us hopping. 



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